Thursday, January 3, 2008

Now I have a knitting blog

I started this knitting blog because I want to post pictures of stuff that I knit. This Christmas I knit a buttload of stuff for other people, including:

Of course I didn't take pictures of anything. Blah. So from now on I'm taking pictures of stuff I knit and posting it here, and hopefully people will visit and tell me how awesome everything is :) There are tons of great knitting blogs out there, and I will add links to ones I like.

Right now I'm working on this hat, which I knit last year for Nate and THEN HE LOST IT. Sigh. I even added a poof ball. Here's a picture:

We named it "Poof Ball Hat". Original, I know. Anyway, Nate lost it recently and didn't tell me for two weeks. I am sad. But he did try very hard to find it, even calling lots of places he'd been and everything.

Now I'm knitting myself "Lady Poof Ball Hat" (and yes, I know what "poof" is slang for in England). Maybe I will knit Nate "Son of Poof Ball". Maybe.